RSA Annual Exhibition 2017

RSA Annual Exhibition 2017
Publisher: RSA
Dimensions: 20 x 21 cm
Pages: 100
£ 3.00

The RSA Annual Exhibition is a focal point of the RSA programme, showcasing work from RSA Academicians the length and breadth of Scotland. Now in its 193rd year, it continues to provide a platform for contemporary painting, sculpture, film, printmaking, photography and installation, alongside work by some of the country’s leading architects.


Marian Leven RSA was the convernor for the 191st RSA Annual Exhibition. In addition to convening the exhibition, she has also invited a number of guest artists from across the British Isles who are at various stages of their careers, working in different media and in different environments. The invited artists are Julie Brook, Chris Drury, Marie Foley, Mateusz Fahrenholz, Geoff Uglow, Keiko Mukaide, Emma Stibbon, Mary Ramsden, Amy Gear and Catherine Ross. The Deputy Convenor was John McAslan RSA.