Mado | 目の戸

Paul Furneaux
Mado | 目の戸: Paul Furneaux
Publisher: RSA
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
Pages: 40
ISBN: 978-0-905783-51-2
£ 6.00

The Academicians’ Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by acclaimed Scottish artist Paul Furneaux RSA this autumn. Titled Mado 目の戸, meaning ‘eye’s door,’ or ‘window’ in Japanese, the exhibition considers the act of looking, especially from an interior outwards. Celebrated for his work with the Japanese woodblock printing technique of Mokuhanga, Furneaux will be exhibiting new works that take inspiration from the colours, shapes and textures of both the urban and rural Scottish landscape. 


This fully-illustrated catalogue documents the works included in the exhibition, with a foreword by Arthur Watson PPRSA.