Ian McCulloch RSA

Ian McCulloch RSA: 'The stylistic stance I adopt in my work is essentially Modernist, with elements deriving from Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism. This enables me to use myth and metamorphosis to examine and give form to my responses to an equivocal and paradoxical, often fearful, world. Such responses are mediated through painting, printmaking and ceramics.'


'Ian McCulloch paints brilliantly and with the kind of painterly purity which one associates with Matisse. If you look back to Fergusson from McCulloch you can sense the kinship.' Anthony Tucker, The Guardian


'It is this ability to encompass contrast and paradox in pictures that are both decorative and dour [. . .] that makes Ian McCulloch one of the key painters of the 80s.' Sarah Kent, Time Out, 1987


'The major significance of this work is that it manages to convey a vivid anxiety about the state of modern man while at the same time being such a clear celebration of living.' Waldemar Januszczak, The Guardian